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The TIIGER pole puller delivers 50,120 lbs. of lift!

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The TIIGER puller delivers 50,120 lbs. of lift at 2,800 psi input pressure from a lightweight 57 lb. cylinder.

TIIGER Pole Puller Specifications Pole Puller Model 4001D:

  • Safety factor on all our manufactured parts is 3 1/2:1
  • Cylinder is rated at 50,120 lbs. of lift at 2,800 psi input and is the lightest cylinder available
  • Unique pre-tensioning system for more efficient pulling
  • Hydraulic cylinder is physically tested to two times the rated input pressure. This means our cylinders are tested to 5,600 psi.
  • Internal reliefs prevent exploding or imploding if a cylinder fails to couple
  • Cylinder has a 16" stroke length
  • Pulls poles that are cut lower to the ground (14-16")
  • We can use lighter 1/2" alloy chain and still avoid chain failure due to the unique design of the swivel chain hook attachment
  • All three pins, as well as the chain hook casting, are made of the strongest commercial stainless metal we can buy (160,000 psi yield point)

TIIGER Model 4001D Pole Puller includes:

  • 57 lb. cylinder
  • 25 lb. base plate
  • 36 lb. swivel chain hook assembly
  • Lightweight 1/2" alloy chain -- 6' @ 15 lbs.

Additional features of TIIGER 's Pole Puller include:

  • Low center of gravity and low chain hook-up keeps the base plate from kicking out.
  • Unique swivel hook assembly pretensions the chain, giving maximum lift per stroke.
  • Swivel hook assembly reduces loading on the chain, allowing for use of a lighter, 1/2" alloy chain.
  • Run it off your truck or add an optional, compact hydraulic pump for those hard-to-reach areas.

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