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Utility Equipment Parts has offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania, supplying utility truck parts and accessories, augers, winch ropes, tow ropes, buckets, bucket liners, repair manuals, and much more to utility companies, tree care companies, sign companies, and many other businesses.  Our footprint covers the whole United States. Whatever your utility equipment needs, Utility Equipment Parts can help.  

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 Bucket Truck Parts for Hi-Ranger

 Teco - Lift All - Reach All - Holan - Altec - Versalift  

In addition to new aerial devices and digger derrick/bucket truck parts from manufacturers like Terex/HI-RANGER and Utility Equipment Parts also carries hard to find parts for bucket truck manufacturers like JLG Industries, Lift All, National Crane , Holan, Reach All, Versalift, and Teco. If there is any utility truck part you have had trouble tracking down, make sure you call 262.594.5964 to find the part you need at the best price anywhere.


Teco - Holan Utility Bucket Trucks

DICA Outrigger Pads - Tough - Guaranteed NOT To Break!

DICA Outrigger PadsUtility Equipment Parts carries the full line of tough, durable DICA Outrigger Pads, perfectly suited for almost any size outrigger foot and utility application. Fabricated with specialized thermoplastic and resistant to oil, liquids, and caustic agents, DICA Outrigger Pads provide the firm footing needed to keep your outrigger-footed utility trucks and equipment safely planted firmly and safely on the ground. All DICA Outrigger Pads feature the DICA lifetime warranty, which states "If you break it, we’ll replace it. Guaranteed". 

Tiiger Pole Pullers Great prices on Tiiger Pole Pullers for quality and safety equipment

Utility Equipment Parts also carries Tiiger hydraulic pole pulling equipment and pole dollies. At only 57 pounds, the Tiiger pole puller is the lightest and strongest on the market. With stronger pole puller pads and a base plate with the lowest possible center of gravity, swivel chain hook assemblies which pre-tension the puller chain, and back plates to prevent chain roll up and slippage, Tiiger hydraulic pole pulling equipment gets the job done better than any other pole puller on the market. Don’t put your workers or your equipment at risk, using a derrick truck boom on a utility pole that hasn’t been loosened by a Tiiger hydraulic pole puller.

Quality Pengo Augers and Auger Tooling

Pengo AugersUtility Equipment Parts is dedicated to providing the best products in the industry, which is why we offer Pengo augers and auger tools. Pengo is known for innovative equipment designs created to deliver consistently superior performances. Precise engineering and years of industry knowledge has allowed the experts at Pengo to create the most efficient and accurate utility equipment available. Pengo augers and auger tools are made with high quality materials to withstand your toughest jobs and deliver long-lasting function. These durable utility tools are a cost-efficient investment you can rely on for exceptional results.

We know your auger tool is critical in getting jobs done quickly and safely. With Rock Ripper Augers designed to maximize drilling for all types of Digger Derricks Utility Equipment Parts offers great prices. We can also acquire the auger parts, auger bits, and auger teeth you need to keep your equipment running. Pengo augers are an affordable solution to your unique digging jobs. Utility Equipment provides is committed to providing fast delivery when you have an emergency and accurate quotes every day. When your work relies on excellent equipment performance, come to Utility Equipment Parts for the high quality, cost-efficient parts you can trust for superior results. 

2 Safe Electrical Insulating Bucket Liners

2 Safe Electrical Insulating Bucket Liners

The 2 safe bucket liner is available in various colors and sizes.  The main color (outside and thicker) has been designed and tested to pass periodic retests, the secondary color (inside and thinner) is a wear layer designed to make it easy for crews to do daily inspections of this safety equipment.  A dangerously worn or gouged inner electrical insulating bucket insert wall will show the outer/main color, indicating a possible unsafe condition.  The two colors are molecularly bonded together during the molding process. This 2 safe color system isn’t the only way this bucket liner protects you. Find out more about the 2 safe bucket liner and check out our selection of bucket liners for all the major brands including Holan, Lift All and Teco.

Quality Winch Ropes & Tow Ropes for Utility Industry

Utility Winch RopesUtility Equipment Parts offers the best quality winch ropes in the utility industry. We offer the Double Esterlon winch rope, ideal for bucket, auger, and digger derrick trucks. It is the highest strength, double-braid polyester rope available so compared to other ropes like steel cable it has the highest breaking strength. Take for example the 1 inch rope with a breaking strength of 44,000 lbs.  That's serious strength for a rope!  Our ropes are also offered maxijacketed for enhanced wear resistance. Find out more about the benefits to having a rope maxijacketed by clicking on our tab for winch ropes. Also check out our selection of winch ropes and tow ropes from Utility Equipment Parts.

Check out our comparison of synthetic ropes and steel winch cables for more information on the pros and cons of each product, and find out why synthetic double braided winch ropes are a better all-around option. 

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